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I'm a Front End Developer


About Me

I'm Ahmed Essam and I'm a

Web Developer

Hi! My name is Ahmed Essam. I am a High School student and I'm a Web Developer. I have always wanted to to learn programming and here I am achieving it, yet It is just the beginning of my story; Also, I have become an Interact Club Alex. Member

Citizenship: Egypt

Interests:Coding, Volunteering

Study: ALS

Degree: Student

Mail: Click Here

Phone: Private

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Founder of The Tutor

Finally, I have launched my educational website which provides free content including blogs, lectures, tips for people learning programming check it out

Web Developer

Professional web devloper with more than a year of experience

Charity Lover

I love volunteering in charities and helping people, and I am a member of Interact Alex.


I am addicted to reading and I am glad that I have turned it into a habit. Reading is therapy and a time saver

Marketing Manager

I am currently volunteering for Crystal Dental Care clinic as a Marketing Manager

Self Learner

I'd consider my self a fast learner. I depended on myself in learning such things as I learned programming online and business on my own


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In Progress

Modifying The Tutor Website

Due to: 2023

Mastering JavaScript

Due to: 2023

MIT Money Course

Due to: 2022


My Books

Eloquent Javascript

Mastering JavaScript

Highly Recommended

My rating:

Atomic Habits

Building Habits

Highly Recommended

My rating:

Grokking Algorithms


Top Recommended

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Clean Code

Organizing Code

Highly Recommended

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Rich dad poor dad

Personal finance, Investing

Highly Recommended

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Julius Ceaser


Highly Recommended

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Romantic comedy


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My Wishlist


  • Study Abroad
  • Read 20 Books
  • Mange my time (Time Blocking)
  • Explore the world
  • Earn money before 18
  • Help Teens To Achieve Their Goals
  • Give influential talks (TEDx Talker)


  • Believe in my skills
  • Self development


  • Dual/triple screen Set Up
  • Kindle Oasis
  • Playstation VR


  • Under 10% body fat
  • Unbreakable Workout routine
  • Weekly cycling cardio


  • Live in the US
  • Visit Italy
  • Visit all EU countries
  • Visit 3 countries
  • Visit 10 countries
  • Visit 15 countries


  • Eloquent Arabic
  • C2 English
  • Italian
  • German